Black & Decker CM1836 Lawn Mower Review

This CM1836 lawn mower is again one of the reliable cordless electric lawn mowers from the stable of Black and Decker.Its powerful unparalleled distinct features, do serve to define a modern lawn mower outlook; a super active motor as well as a unique but efficient blade design. This does enable it for superb cutting and extended operation period. This lawn mower has the potential to trim up to a 1/3 of an acre on a single charge.

Product Features

  • capable of cutting lawns up to 1/3 acre without recharge
  • precise cuttings because of its improved blade design
  • zero carbon emissions
  • it can be folded for storage in small places
  • lifetime warranty for the deck
  • weight: 75.5 pounds

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Convenient Operation and Storage

The Black & Decker CM 1836 lawn mower is made up of the latest mechanical features which contribute immensely to its easier operation. From its quick start process to the quite operation (compared to its gas counterpart), this model gets busy without having to worry about disrupting your neighbors peace with noise.

For those with little storage space, the CM1836 lawn mower has a height adjustment mechanism which is simply activated by a single pull of a lever. The folding style capability also can be folded in an upright position.
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Efficient as well as Eco Friendly

This characteristic makes it among the most amazing mechanical devices ever to be used in our homes. The Black & Decker CM 1836 lawn mower contains a mulch enhanced device whose purpose is to pick the clippings and mulch them back to the yard thus offering a natural fertilizer to the lawn. It is also fitted with a bag near the handle that makes for easier emptying of the cut grass.

The charging system of the CM 1836 is rated among the energy star qualified devices thus offering the user a guarantee operation characterized by less energy thus giving you great savings.

The Black & Decker Company, the manufacturers and distributors of the CM 1836 lawn mower does have a two year warranty in addition to a lifetime warranty for the deck attached to this machine.
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This mower has managed to attract and overwhelming feedback on amazon with an average rating of 4 from more than 250 reviews. Most of the reviews have said one common thing about this mower

Quiet, Easy to Assemble, Lightweight, Cuts Grass very well, Great Power No Gasoline

The following items are also packaged together with the Black & Decker CM 1836 lawn mower: a 36 Volt charger, a rear bag assembly, mulching plug, a safety key and a user manual.
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