Fiskars 6201 Lawn Mower Review

Falling under the manly lawn mowers category, design and functionality are what you get with Fiskars 6201 Lawn Mower. Gone are the days when you would be rudely woken up by the humming of a lawn mower. Gone are the days when weeds ruled supreme on your front and back lawn.With this lawn mower, you can forget about things like diesel fuel and long extension cords.

If you don’t want to spend large sums of money on lawn mowers, if you want to save yourself a trip to gas station, this reel mower is an excellent choice for you.
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Product Features

  • it comes with a StaySharp Cutting System that helps to keep the blades sharp and reduce the need of constant blade sharpening
  • it has VersaCut Technology that gives you flexibility in terms of adjusting the height of the handle
  • it also has InertiaDrive Reel that gives you that sharp cutting capability on all types of grass and gives you 1 to 4 inch cut height range
  • it has a unique grass discharge shoot that throws the debris away from your feet so that you do not get messy while mowing the lawn
  • it comes with a three-year warranty
  • compact design. The effects of the features above all add to the appeal and capabilities of this particular reel mower
  • weight: 52.2 pounds

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The mower has an advantage over other rival reel mowers due to the design and the technology. This mower requires upto 60% less effort as compared to other conventional reel lawn mowers. Its design also ensures that regardless of your height you are able to control and operate the reel mower. This is thanks to the one-touch height adjustment button, which generally makes life much easier.

If you simply hate that loud, smoke puffing, diesel powered lawn mower,  the best way to go is to use the Fiskars 6201 Lawn Mower. Your neighbors will be happier plus you will have a zero carbon foot print.

The Inset wheel design allows the blades to be extended over the width of the mower. This gives you a sharper wider cutting capability.

Compared to other reel mowers, it requires less effort to mow even the most stubborn grass types on your lawn. Thick blades make light work of twigs, weeds, and stubborn grass that would probably jam up lesser reel mowers.
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With more than 700 customer reviews, the product is rated 4.1 out of 5 on amazon. Most customers are commenting on how easy it is to use the reel mower. The effort that they would normally put into competing reel mowers is something that they do not require with this particular mower.

In addition, the fact that the blades stick to the ground for a sharp close shave of the lawn is something that has impressed many customers. The bonus is that the blades stay sharp for a long period.
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