What are some of the Best Push Reel Lawn Mowers

For all of you who love mowing your lawn in a manly manner , this is a short review of best push reel lawn mowers available in the market. You might find some of them on the home page or some of them might be reviewed individually. In either case, if the detailed review is already there, they will be liked to the corresponding page .

Push reel lawn mowers are definitely one of the most amazing mowers available. Consider this- a good workout by mowing your lawn, without any obnoxious gaseous fumes coming out , without disturbing your neighbors with an engine sound, without worrying about battery running out or an extremely long electrical cord to organize. Seems pretty healthy to me. Of course this is not meant as an offense to all those who prefer other types of mowers.
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Here are our recommendations for the best push reel lawn mowers

Scotts 2000-20S 20-Inch Classic Reel Mower

Scotts 200-20S 20-Inch Classic reel lawn mowerThis mower has been featured in the ultimate guide to best lawn mowers. This mower has amazing reviews on amazon. Almost 900 people have reviewd it on amazon which means atleast 3000 people have bought this product, which itself speakes great volumes about this mower. If you have a small yard then this mower will make your lawn look good. It has a cutting height of 1″ to 3″ which is quite good for its class. Being light at 34 pounds, it is very easy to assemble. It has two 10-inch composite wheels with radial tires plus two six-inch tracking wheels which eliminate drag and make it very easy to push around on uneven terrain.

One of the consistent things that majority of people have said about it is

The lawn looks just as good, if not better than a gas mower.

Fiskars 6201 18-Inch Staysharp Max Push Reel Lawn Mower

Fiskars 6201 18 inch stay sharpThis amazingly popular push reel lawn mower has also been featured on our homepage in the best lawn mowers guide. You can also read a detailed review of Fiskars 6201 18 inch Lawn Mower here.

Keeping it short, this lawn mower has become very popular. Despite weight at 52 pounds, it is almost 60% easier to push than other push reel mowers mainly because of the inertia drive technology. Again being on the heavier side plus having 4 wheels makes it a bit less maneuverable but then, the less maneuverability is overcome by the easy of pushing. It has a maximum cutting height of 4″ which is the highest in its class therefore allows you to cut taller grass also.

With the next best review count at 700+ and an average rating of 4.1 our of 5, Most of the people said

I really love the mower and the way it makes my lawn look

Great States 415-16SK1 5-Blade 16-Inch Ball Bearing Reel Mower

Great States 415-16 Reel MowerThis is one of the lighter models in the push reel mowers category, weighs on 26 pounds :O. You can still fuel it for the price of a banana and a glass of milk. It always works when you want it to. It is ideal for regular maintenance of your lawns as the maximum height is 2-3/4-inch. It is pretty cheap too.

Great states 415-16Sk1 has a solid metallic bare-bones body with two wheels and some bearings in them and that’s it. It again is one of the very low maintenance models as heat treated blades stay sharp longer. The Handle is also powder coated and hence prevents rust. Cutting is more precise as you are manicuring your grass, not just ripping it to a shorter height.

With around 100 reviews this mower has managed an impressive rating of 4.5. Most people said

This little lawn mower does a great job

Fiskars 6208 17-Inch Staysharp Push Reel Lawn Mower

Fiskars 6208 17 inch stay sharpAnother Fiskars model !!! Yep, with the stay sharp technology this newer 17 inch push reel lawn mower deserves to be here. Though from looks it might look like it has more plastic parts which it does but these are only in non essential components like the front part. This has been done to revamp the looks of the mower. It works on various types of grass as well just like the big brother Fiskars 6201 18 inch mower. For a small lawn it works great. It does not have the wheel inset like its big brother which throws the grass clippings forward. It weighs 41 pounds , again on the heavier side.

With 67 reviews it has managed to get a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon and most customers are saying

The mower is easy to push and cuts very well

American Lawn Mower 1204-14 14-Inch Deluxe Hand Reel Mower

American Lawn Mower 1204-14This mower by the looks of it is deluxe :). Assembling it is quite easy as it contains a three-spider one-blade reel, an alloy steel reel, a bed knife blade, and an adjustable, three-section roller. Weighing at 19 pounds it is quite light weight and hence mowing with this american lawn mower 1204-14 is quite easy.The zinc-plated handle has plastic grips for greater comfort. It is 14″ wide which is good for a small lawn but if you have a bigger lawn you will have to make many trips with it which of course will be an added exercise for those who like to regular workouts.

It provides a clean, precise, scissor-like cut and works on most turf grasses. But as mentioned above you should keep in mind the 14″ wide size and know your lawn.

With more than 200 reviews this baby has managed an impressive 4.1 out of 5 ratings. Most people said

This mower is very easy to use and light in weight.

Benefits of Push Reel Lawn Mowers

Reel Mowers have a definite advantage, when it comes to comparing them with gas powered lawn mowers or may be electric lawn mowers.

Almost No Maintenance
Push reel mowers have bare minimum parts, hence the time and effort needed for maintaining it automatically goes down. Of course those parts need lubrication but then that’s almost it :).

Keeps you Fit !!!
No Second thoughts here. Mowing your lawn with a reel mower makes you sweat as you have to manually push it and make it move forward. Take that amazing shower after an honest lawn mowing :). Earlier the mowers used to be heavier but with new models the reel mowers are lighter and comparatively easy to push.

Dirt Cheap !!!
Ok not dirt cheap like 10 – 20 bucks but definitely cheaper option. Many of them can be bought at under $100, even under 90$ as compared to the costly 200$ – 300$ range electric mowers.

Environment friendly
Push reel lawn mowers don’t emit any harmful gases, neither they consume any electricity. Also push reel mowers have blades that cut grass like scissors cut hence leaving the grass healthy. Also they make no noise hence, no irritated neighbors :).

When push reel mower might not be so beneficial

Well !, no dangerous harmful effects but yeah a push reel mower will not be much beneficial to you in the following situations.

Bigger Yard

If you have a large yard (half football field ?) , more than one acre, using a reel lawn mower can be too much of a chore / exercise for you. Plus it will take a longer time to finish up your lawn. Also if anything is missed you will have to walk longer distances.

Very tall grass

If you have a very tall grass, then the push reel lawn mower may not be as effective. But then if the tall grass is more often, then you are not maintaining your lawn on a regular basis

Too much twigs / branches?

If you have too many tree branches and twigs in your lawn, then your push reel mower will stop when it hits a twig. Of course you can pull back and move again, but it will be again too much time consuming if these droppings are every where.


Happy Mowing

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Happy Mowing

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