What are the best lawn mower brands

Lawn mowers have been a part and parcel of our family since the times when our grandfathers were children may be even earlier. As the generations have evolved, technology has evolved so has the lawn mowers and various lawn mower brands. There are a plethora of lawn mowers available today in the market. It’s better to go with a tried and tested brand/product than to feel regret later for buying a wrong product.

This article here discusses about some of the best law mower brands available today and the top lawn mowers which are offered by them. The listing is based on research done on amazon by comparing against various criteria.
Just a note – we are not including the gas lawn mowers or riding tractors here just to be environmental friendly :).

5 best lawn mower brands

Black & Decker

Black & DeckerBlack and Decker is a well known company for lawn mowers. It was started in 1910 by S. Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker. They started first in Baltimore, Maryland. After successfully acquiring their first patent for a portable power tool, which happened to be the first, they have been changing the world with their innovative and technologically advanced product line ups.
They have a solid line up of electric lawn mowers which are highly rated and appreciated by the customers worldwide.
Top Black & Decker Lawn Mowers


American Lawn Mower Company

American Lawn Mower CompanyAmerican Lawn mower Company is probably one of the oldest companies which started selling lawn mowers. The company started in 1895 in Richmond, Indiana with an idea to provide push reel lawn mowers. By the way push reel lawn mowers are one of the best mowers available which are first of all a great workout and best friends to environment. A guide to best push reel lawn mowers can be found here.

In 1936 American Lawn Mower Company purchased another push reel mower manufacturer, Great States Corporation in Shelbyville. In 2008, to cater earth friendly products for the yard and garden they stared two new brands.
Earthwise: The Clean Air Choice and Yardwise: For The Perfect Lawn
Till now the company is still family owned.

Top Lawn Mowers from Americal lawn mower company


GreenWorksGreenworks is one of the newer Lawn mower companies that have a very good product line up in the electric lawn mowers. In fact their products are in the best electric lawn mowers.
Now surprisingly, greenworks is a brand for a company called Changzhou Globe Tools Co.,Ltd. While researching for the company info, thanks to this post here, I was able to know about Changzhou Globe Tools Co.,Ltd. All their manufacturing and business units are located in Zhonglou Economy Development Zone in Changzhou, China. They have many brands , greenworks being one of them and combining all the brands they from the Globe group.
Top GreenWorks Lawn Mowers


FiskarsFiskars is undoubtedly the oldest brand. Fiskars corporation is a metal and consumer brands company, of primarily a finnish origin. They were founded in 1649 and got the name Fiskars from the village fiskars bruk where they were founded. You canĀ  read more about them here. Their lawn mowers are one of the top selling lawn mowers in the industry, most noticable being in the best manual push reel lawn mowers category
Top Fiskars Lawn Mowers

Sun Joe

SunJoeMainly known as Snow Joe, it is relatively new company which was founded in 2004 to innovative business that continually develops and sells new, high-quality, reliable tools to simplify life outdoors. After creating an effective snow thrower for under $100, Snow Joe has created more than 140 products for all seasons, branching into a line called Sun Joe as well. Sun joe creates lawn mowers.
Top Sun Joe Mower

If you have any other mowers in mind, let us know by commenting below :).

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