WORX WG782 14-Inch 24-Volt Cordless Lawn Mower review

WORX WG782 14-Inch 24-Volt Cordless Lawn Mower with IntelliCutWhen it comes to lawn mower design, Worx thinks of everything that makes mowing lawns simple. A perfect example of a Worx lawn mower is one their best seller models the Worx WG782 cordless electric lawn mower. From setting a quiet operation, adjusting blade heights and mulching,this mower has all the bells and whistles.  It has been getting plenty of good reviews on most consumer or forum sites and you’ll find 4 to 5 star ratings closely associated with it on most online retail stores. Despite all this, the question still remains to most who don’t have a clue about lawn mowers: why is the Worx WG782 so highly rated and what makes it so great to buy?
The following is our review on the Worx wg782 cordless electric lawn mower. It will cover all full breakdown on the main highlights or features and tell you why you’ll benefit from them. Also included is any cons we’ve found on the Worx WG782 that you probably should consider before going ahead and buying this lawn mower.

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Worx WG782 Highlights

  • Being a cordless electric mower on a battery, its a push button start
  • Very easy to adjust the cutting height from 1.8 inches and up to 3.3 inches
  • Includes a safety key insert at the handle controls so you don’t have any unwanted starts
  • Dynamic mower design or ‘3 in 1 technology’ allow you to bag cuttings, mulch or rear discharge
  • Use a unique cutting technology called ‘Intellicut’ which gives extra torque if you have very tough grass
  • Battery charge will last long enough to cut up to a huge 10,000 sq. ft. or roughly 40 mins mowing time
  • Quiet mode operation, there is a switch that makes the mower operation work at a lower noise level
  • Fully collapses or folds up for storage

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 Main Benefits of owning the Worx WG782

Being cordless you don’t have to worry anymore about busting your back or shoulder trying to get the mower started by having to keep pulling hard with a cord start. Also the cable management woes are gone.

Easy to adjust settings – If you need to change the cutting height, this is done simply by a lever at the front which smoothly slots into the height that is needed and is within the mover’s cutting range

Cuts through the toughest of grass. We can tell you that the Worx ‘Intellicut’ technology is no marketing gimmick – this mower can get through tough or thick grass that other mowers would really struggle with

Having a rechargeable battery operation means no more fuel to worry about which means you cut back on costs and its more environmentally friendly. No noise pollution either.

Any Cons?

You want to have the extra task of maintaining or recharging the battery. This will take some time getting used to, as you need to be careful not overcharge the battery or try charging it when it’s too hot. Also, the 14″ width mean a smaller cut and you will probably have to walk more for bigger lawns.

After weighing this up, you’ll find the pros of cordless operation with this Worx lawn mower will make it worthwhile

Is The Worx wg782 Cordless Lawn Mower Worth Buying?

Considering the high cutting performance and amazing range of user friendly features you get on the Worx WG782, you will struggle to find a better deal anywhere at this price range. This is certainly a fact when seeing the high ratings for any Worx lawn mower model – especially the wg782. This cordless electric lawn mower – the Workx wg782, has coughed up a rating of 4.1 on amazon with more than 250 customer reviews which itself speaks volumes.
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