WORX WG783 Lawn Mower Review

The WORX WG783 Lawn Mower is the perfect lawn mower for both casual home and commercial use. It consists of an overall solid design and simple yet efficient performance. In the middle of the market price range, it is an ideal purchase for getting everyday yard work done with little hassle.

Featuring a fully adjustable mowing height and up to 14 inches of cutting width, the WORX WG783 makes light work of common household yard work. It’s simple battery design allows for far more usability than other models in the same price range, allowing for quick removal and charging in between use, while the battery itself enables up to 6,000 square feet of cutting to be achieved on a single charge.

However, results will vary depending on the type of grass and other aspects. Overall a well designed ergonomic handle reduces the users fatigue and allows for stable control and a great deal of maneuverability while in use. The mower also features a three in one grass disposal system, allowing for standard bagging, mulching or simple discharge to take place. All this from a very basic, yet high performing lawn mower.
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  • Adjustable mowing height, 1.8 to 3.3 inches and a 14 inch cutting width
  • three disposal options, including bagging, mulching and simple discharge
  • instant, single push button start
  • removable battery
  • 2 years warranty


The WORX WG783 Lawn Mower features an overall small but powerful design, its lightweight construction gives the operator a great deal of control while moving throughout the yard and there are other models on the market, which weigh the same, but fail to live up to expectations.

It is environment friendly. A grass catcher can easily be installed  and the removable battery allows for hassle free charging wherever it is required.

The simple technology

The mower itself is very simple, not a lot has gone into it apart from the bare essentials. Although, some additions, which you may not find on many models in the same price range have been included. By allowing for various cutting heights and a wide cutting width the mower is able to make short work of what would otherwise be lengthy jobs. Given its three options for disposal there is also a great deal of variety on offer, considering many models just include a standard collection system.

The removable battery back, is also ideal for users who wish to save money in the long run. As filling up a mower using standard fuels is by far more expensive than charging the battery in the comfort of your own home.
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It is really simple to use and it is also light weight and offers good maneuverability. Overall the simple features have come together to create the ideal product for everyday use.

The WORX WG783 has garnered a total of 4.2 stars from the customer ratings. Those who have tried the lawn mower liked the fact that it is easy to operate and clean.
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